Desiree Apolonio Bassett was born September 11, 1992 in New Haven, Connecticut. At the tender age of 3, she became fascinated with playing the guitar and singing. Her parents, Daniel and Myrna Bassett, quickly realized that their little girl was clearly a budding protege so her father began formally teaching her. By the age of 5, Desiree went from playing a kid’s sized guitar to a full-sized ’83 Ibanez Roadstar II. Within a few years she was entertaining her family and friends with Joe Satriani, Boston, and Triumph tunes and performing in local music competitions. She began studying at the University of Connecticut music program and went on to win Talent America’s Musician of the Year in 2005 in New York City at age 12.

      Desiree continued to hone her skills playing venues around New England in open mic jams where she was discovered by bassist Doug Wimbish who invited her to share the stage at his annual Wimbash in Hartford which eventually led into the exposure of what the music industry was really all about. Throughout the years, she has performed with many outstanding and renowned musicians including Living Colour, Andy Aledort, Geraldo Velez, Jeff Baxter “Skunk”, members of the Allman Brothers Band, Sammy Hagar, Ted Nugent Marshall Tucker Band, Foghat, Barry Goudreau (formerly of the band Boston), and many more. With the explosion of the social media world, Desiree quickly became world-known through videos of her performances on MySpace, Facebook and YouTube.

      Desiree’ currently has 3 albums out (Power & Force, Power & Force II and A Bit Above) and has gone through a few tours:

-Cirque du Soleil’s Michael Jackson the IMMORTAL World Tour (2011-2014) which featured some of Michael Jackson’s original band members and has gone around 27 different countries in 141 cities with over 500 performances, hitting the box offices of being the 7th highest grossing tour of over $374 million.

-Blue Moon Tour with world renowned drummer Stacey Lamont Sydnor and world famous bassist Linley Marthe that took place in Europe in 4 different countries.

-Jane Zhang's Bang The World Concert that featured two concerts in Jane’s hometown Chengdu, China. One concert featuring a very electrifying show of dance, pop, and electronic and another concert Jane Zhang and Friends that performed with a 90 piece orchestra and had featured world famous artists such as Chris Botti and John Legend.

-The Legacy Tour featuring William Hall that is a totally dedicated, emotionally powerful driven show that tributes to the all time favorite Michael Jackson. The tour took place in Australia from May – July of 2016 and August – October of 2017 and Germany from September – October of 2016 and is still currently touring around the world.

      Currently, Desiree’ still continues to tour around the world while on her time off works on her 4th album and performs shows local in her home state of Connecticut with her bands Desiree' & the Time Machine and Desiree' & Friends, both power trio bands that features her on lead guitar and vocals. She also performs in a few side projects she occasionally performs with known as Siksay Band and Feel Good Music and performs full time as a bass player for a highly renown local band called In The Red